New irrigation experiment in Ibague

We prepared all equipment for our experiment for new water-saving irrigation systems.   It was successful and we look forward to our results.

s-IMG_1138 (2) A view from airplane

s-MIRI2 a MIRI system

s-IMG_1185 (2) a plot for comparison

s-IMG_1389 Flow monitoring of a MIRI window

Final report of AIMS

Amira successfully defended her activity report in TUAT.  She studied public participation in water and environmental management in Inbanuma lake.  Thanks to Mr. Takahashi (Inbanuma Land improvement district), she could get a lot of information (mostly in Japanese).  We hope she will make further progress in her research activity in Indonesia. 

s-IMG_1500 (2) Sugo-inba!!!

s-IMG_1501 (2) At the farewell party

Regular survey in December 2016

Our last survey for this year has finished.  It was a warm day and we could catch many fish (it’s fun!).  Next survey will be one or two weeks before the defense of bachelor thesis.  And it will be very cold…

I thank all the participants for our surveys, and wish you all the best for the year 2017!!!



s-img_0977-2 Cute!


s-img_0971-2 This invasive plant species is overwhelming…

Regular survey in November 2016

 s-img_0708 Autumn has come

s-img_0709 Thank you for your effort!

s-img_0093 This fish was abundant this year

s-img_0706 We catch this fish only once but every year…

Visiting Gifu University and more

We have visited Prof. Mukai at Gifu University for discussing current status of invasions of domestic freshwater fish species in Japan.   It is always fun to his laboratory for seeing fish species there and finding many new things. 

In addition, we presented our research results in a workshop organized by the Division of Applied Hydraulics, JSIDRE.  Interesting talks and active discussions motivated me for ecohydraulics research with more focus on hydraulics side.

s-img_0886-2 Mr. Matsuzawa’s successful talk!

s-img_0883-2 It’s always nice to see!!!

Mid-term report in Colombia

Visiting CIAT in Cali reminds me of my first visit there and motivated a lot for the project.  I could have constructive meetings with ST1 members, Mr. Santiago Jaramillo of FLAR and Prof. Jorge Rubiano at the University of Valle. 

s-img_0737-2 In CIAT greenhouse

s-img_0750-2 A rain-out shelter

s-img_0757-2 A field experimental field

In Ibague, we visited some experimental fields for the next experiments focusing on water saving irrigation systems.  In November 24, a workshop was held in a FEDEARROZ hall in order to report our progress to farmers in the region.

s-img_0821-2 Opening address by Dra. Guzman

s-img_0823-2 Opening address by Dr. Ishitani

s-img_0826-2 Opening address by Prof. Asanuma

s-img_0834-2 Opening address by Prof. Okada

s-img_0829-2 Plenary talk by Prof. Ito

s-img_0830-3 Plenary talk by Prof. Shibusawa

s-img_0841-2 Dario reported the ST3 activity

PS: This is my new favorite combination (baby beef and guanabana en leche)!!!


Joint research with Tallinn University of Technology

With the support from TUAT, we invited scientists from the Center for Biorobotics, Tallin University of Technology, Estonia.  We had joint meetings for field surveys and laboratory experiments, lectures, and fish BBQ (5th Shichirin party; no photo available…).  Thanks to all the efforts by Jeff, Juan Fran, Maarja, and my students, our joint surveys and experiment were very fruitful.

 s-img_0539-2 Joint meeting

s-s16-2 Field survey

s-img_0556-2 Lecture by Jeff

s-img_0570-2 Lecture by Juan Fran

s-dsc00055-2 Photo after the lecture

s-img_0549 Baked potato after a survey  

s-img_0608-2 A bullhead

Mr. Dario Pineda from FEDEARROZ, Colombia

My colleague, Mr. Dario Pineda from FEDEARROZ, visited me for meetings and presentation of his activities for rice farmers in Colombia.  We visited the Institute for Rural Engineering, NARO, Inbanuma lake & Senmaida terrace paddy in Chiba, Kyushu University and Japan Water Agency in Fukuoka.  We found that improving irrigation systems with consideration to operational losses at different scales is important for our joint research in Ibague, Colombia.

s-dsc01994-2 Lecture by Dr. Naka

s-img_9775-2 Discussion

s-dsc02023-2 An experimental field

s-dsc02076-2 Hakusan-Jinbei Pumping Station

s-img_9788-2 Terraced paddy

s-img_9820-2 Lecture by Dario in Kyushu University

s-img_9827-2 Itoshima Fuji

s-img_9831-2 Saga Pumping Station

s-img_9841-2 Field visit 

ICIRA2016 & 4th Shichirin Party

We organized a special session on “Sensors and Monitoring in Environmental and Agricultural Sciences” in ICIRA2016 held in Tokyo, Japan. There were many interesting talks, special sessions and workshops.  Specifically, the workshop on design thinking was inspiring. 

After ICIRA2016, we had the 4th shichirin party with my colleagues on mango research.  It is great to taste nice fish for the season!  The next party will be in October when we make joint experiment and survey using a fish-shaped sensor developed by Tallinn University, Estonia.

  s-img_9519-2 Plenary talk by Prof. Fukuda

s-img_9580-2 A workshop

s-img_9556-2 A scene from the banquet at Sanrio Puroland

s-img_9586-2 4th Shichirin party