We presented our research progress in the SCIS-ISIS2022 held in Ise, Mie, Japan. Thanks to the great efforts by the presenters, we received good feedbacks from the audience. 


Mr. Ishikawa, Application of Yolo for monitoring fish


Mr. Ogami, Random Forests modelling for habitat assessment of Genji-fireflies


Inspiring plenary talk by Prof. Takayama


Professor Nojima led the Program Committee of the conference. It was a hard work, but resulted in fruitful and fun conference at the end.

Next conference will be held in Korea ISIS2023.

New members joined our laboratory!

Dr. Nishisue and 3rd year students, namely Ms. Sumika Akahane, Mr. Taichi Iwama, and Mr. Kou Ogawa have joined our lab.

Welcome to our lab!!!

Welcome to our lab!!!

Presentation at ISE2022 (online)

Our lab members presented their research outcomes in the International Symposium on Ecohydraulics 2022 (online). It was a great opportunity to know researches in progress in other countries.


Takuma Nishimura reporting on the application of a deep learning method for water fowl detection and species identification

川嶋2022-10-11 16.21.22

Risa Kawashima reporting on the ecohydraulic assessment and simulations in Yagawa

地引2022-10-11 16.44.19

Taichi Jibiki reporting on the application of random forests for habitat suitability modelling in Yagawa


Wataru Ishikawa reporting on the application of deep learning for underwater monitoring

Congratulations on the graduation in FY2021!!!

Three master course students (Asano, Kasahara and Tanaka) and three bachelor course students (Ishikawa, Fujii and Kawasaki) have graduated successfully even under the tough period due to COVID-19. Wishing all the best for their bright future!!!


B4 students


M2 students

Presentation in PAWEES2021 (online)

Mr. Asano successfully presented his work entitled “A 1D hydrodynamic model for sediment transport analysis around the Ba Lai sluice gate in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam” in PAWEES2021.  Great work!!! 


New publication!!!

Thanks to Ana and other colleagues in Estonia and Spain, our joint paper has been accepted in Ecological Informatics.  Advanced sensing methods can contribute to a deeper understanding of species’ ecology and their response to environmental conditions such as hydrodynamics in rivers and streams. We will continue this collaboration (and be more active) specifically in the field of ecohydraulics.

Garcia-Vega, A., Fuentes-Perez, J.F., Fukuda, S., Kruusmaa, M., Sanz-Ronda, F.J., Tuhtan, J.A., Artificial lateral line for aquatic habitat modelling: An example for Lefua echigonia,
Ecological Informatics, 2021.

MSc defence by Mr. Grant Thompson

Grant successfully presented his research achievement as his MSc thesis entitled “Barrier-Driven Morphological Differentiation of Rhinogobius nagoyae in Kanagawa and Chiba Prefectures, Japan”. It should have been difficult for him to complete his research due to COVID-19. Although it is not directly related to his thesis, it was great that he joined our team and surveys in Vietnam and Ishigaki Island!!!  

Graduation ceremony on Mach 25, 2021

Three undergraduate students and two master course students have graduated from our laboratory. I always feel a bit sad on graduation day every year, but it’s the beginning of their new career. Wishing all the best for their bright future!!!