カテゴリー別アーカイブ: 研究室の歩み


Fireworks Festival in Isanuma

Isanuma is a swamp used as an agricultural reservoir which has a complex channel network for rice production.  As a part of new research activity, we joined the fireworks festival there.  Fireworks were all fantastic and we enjoyed beers and Japanese sakes produced in the region. 


Beautiful fireworks


Fish sampling




We joined the 37th IAHR World Congress (IAHR2017; http://www.iahrworldcongress.org/).  Mr. Matsuzawa presented a part of his achievement and I chaired the ecohydraulics community meeting.  It was a great opportunity to learn advanced research as well as basic research topics in hydraulics. 


Opening ceremony


Mr. Matsuzawa’s talk!


Ecohydraulics community meeting


Participants in the ecohydraulics community meeting


A promotion of the sustainable development goals in a shopping mall, which is, to the best of my knowledge, very rare in Japan


Survey in the Mekong Delta

As a part of new project, we visited Ho Chi Minh city and Ben Tre province for preliminary survey.  We first had a small workshop in the Thuy Loi University to share research goal and discuss research activities in the target area.


A scene from the Mekong Delta


A rice growing area


After heavy rain, we got soaked on boat


Survey team!


During a coffee break


After a meeting




6th Shichirin party!

We had the 6th Shichirin party, a fish-only BBQ, to learn more about fish.  It was the biggest party with a lot of fun.  We also celebrated the birthday of a student with a fish-decorated cake. I thank the organizers and participants to make this happy party!

s-IMG_3059 (2) Let’s enjoy fish more!

Next one will perhaps be in August.

Regular survey in May 2017

Irrigation has started but not so many fish migrated into our target irrigation channels.  We observed some juvenile fish as well as some other animals such as frogs, snakes and ducks. Students are good at finding them. 

s-IMG_2948 (2) Common fish species in our target sites

s-IMG_2941 (2) A juvenile loach

s-IMG_2977 (2) She found a big one

s-IMG_2971 (2) a duck family

We’ll have the sixth shichirin party on May 26, 2017 (from 18:00).  We’ll have some fun!!!

Regular survey in April (2)

We made another regular survey under fine weather.  Many animals seem to get active now.



s-IMG_2748 a dragon fly

s-IMG_2777 a snake

s-IMG_2775 a student with a snake

Winning poster

There was an event for first-year undergraduate students and the ones who interviewed me and our laboratory won the first prize for their poster!  Congratulations!  We may invite them in the 6th Shichirin-party on May 26, 2017. 

s-Poster&TheTeam The great team

s-poster The poster; Can you find some fish swimming?

Regular survey in April

It’s getting warmer and fish seems to be active like we are after full bloom of sakura.

s-IMG_2620 They might have started migrating into irrigation system

s-IMG_2657 (2) First time to catch!!!

s-IMG_2613 (2) It’s a lot of work to remove the aquatic vegetation before irrigation.

Mango research

In the last 10 years, we have been working on improving production and distribution of fresh mango fruit, mainly in Thailand.  It is always great to visit my colleagues in Chiang Mai University.  Our experimental field looks fine now and I am looking forward to our joint experiment in the next growing season.

s-80A0A422-0FF1-451F-9C44-26ADE78C30BF Dr. Wolfram Spreer

s-703A2E34-CC75-4A40-A9B8-0E089E668D6C Our mango field for experiment

s-IMG_2601 A mango tree

s-610BF35A-0A6C-4434-8C21-E0A9097BFAC2 His greenhouse for experiment