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Three undergraduate students have graduated from our laboratory!  They did great job in their research this year.  Wishing all the best for their successful life!!!  Hope to see them soon!

s-IMG_2165 At the ceremony

s-IMG_2174 Three students!

s-IMG_2182 After the ceremony

After the regular survey, we had the final party for FY2016 at Katsu-kichi, Shibuya.

s-IMG_2221 (2) a great plate under the law of the jungle

s-IMG_2222 (2) a gift for the three students

s-IMG_2224 (2)

s-IMG_2225 (2) with fish chocolates

s-IMG_2228 (2) After the party

s-IMG_2226 (2) PS: It looks like topmouth gudgeon