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Joint seminar with Moriyama Lab. (Utsunomiya Univ.)

We had the first joint seminar with Moriyama Lab. at Utsunomiya University.  There were four talks (two each from both labs), all of which were interesting.  Two hours were not enough but we had very active discussion during lunch.  It should be a good experience for my students to receive many comments from Prof. Moriyama and his lab members.

 s-IMG_2081 (2) After the joint seminar

After the seminar, I joined the final seminar by Prof. Akira Goto, a leading hydrologist in Rural engineering.  The 4-hour lecture was all interesting.  Specifically, the lecture on the mind-set in rural engineering was impressive and inspiring for my research and education.  Also, it was great to meet many people (more than 200 participants in the lecture) during the party for his retirement.  

s-IMG_2082 (2) Final lecture by Prof. Goto