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Lab trip FY2016

After the successful defense by the UG4 students, we went to Yamanashi prefecture for our lab trip.  It was great to learn very different landscape there.  We visited an aquarium and other water-rich places as shown in the photos below.  There are many spring-fed streams in which we could observe many fish (some were non-native, though).  We also enjoyed local foods there.  The only thing we missed was fishing.  We need to go there again for fishing!

s-IMG_1572 (2) Mt. Fuji!!!

s-IMG_1729 (2) At a spring

s-IMG_1588 (2) Beautiful aquarium!

s-IMG_1709 (2) My target fish!

s-IMG_1711 (2) Cute one!

s-IMG_1740 (2) Salmonid!

s-IMG_1605 (2) a reptile

s-IMG_1611 (2) another one

s-IMG_1626 (2) before lunch

s-IMG_1665 (2) s-IMG_1682 (2) Lunch!

s-IMG_1725 (2) After lunch!!!

s-IMG_1629 (2) At a shrine, wishing for academic success!

s-IMG_1638 (2) At a beautiful lake with a rainbow

s-IMG_1652 (2) Who threw a stone???


s-IMG_1712 (2) a fantastic underwater view!

s-IMG_1713 (2) It’s great to experience how technologies advance


s-IMG_1733 (2)Yes, it’s indeed a study tour

s-IMG_1699 (2) not for playing…